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These are uncertain times as our country and the world faces the threat of COVID - 19.  Hearts Matter remains committed to providing American Heart Association (AHA) certification essential to our invaluable healthcare providers.  We follow the AHA COVID - 19 training guidelines including proper social distancing, hygiene and equipment sanitation. Additional online training resources can be found below. Although our course fees are non - refundable, we allow one courtesy course reschedule date. If you have registered for one of our courses and have to cancel due to signs of illness or other circumstances, please contact our team and we will gladly reschedule you.


COVID - 19 Online Resources

COVID-19 Resources
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Simulation Training for COVID -19 Readiness Webinar Series:

In collaboration with Ingmar Medical, these 3 free clinical scenarios can be run individually or in series. These scenarios focus on key clinical decisions regarding:

  • A patient who continues to deteriorate on noninvasive treatments

  • A ventilated patient with dysynchrony caused by their respiratory drive

  • A sedated and paralyzed patient on a ventilator with a high CO2 level



Prepare to Treat A Patient with Suspected COVID - 19

Body Interact offers an opportunity to experience COVID -19 with virtual patients using the most current guidelines.


American Heart Association

AHA Interim Guidelines and Resources

Content Includes:

  • New!  Interim guidance for basic and advanced life support with COVID-19

  • Protecting Medical Trainees on the COVID-19 Frontlines

  • COVID-19 Guidance for Women's Health (PDF)

  • AHA Journal COVID-19 content

  • Circulation  Video Series: COVID Updates From the Front Lines

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