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American Heart Association
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support for 
Experienced Providers (ACLS EP) Course

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  • Course Highlight:  ACLS EP is the most advanced course offered by the American Heart Association.  The ACLS EP course goes beyond ACLS algorithms, allowing experienced providers to expand their systematic approach to patients through critical thinking and decision making strategies.

  • Goal: To improve outcomes in complex cardiovascular, respiratory and other emergent cases. The ACLS EP course emphasizes:

    • The foundation of high - quality BLS

    • A systematic approach to patient care​

    • Critical thinking and decision - making skills

  • Audience: The ACLS EP course is designed for seasoned healthcare professionals who:

    1. Must respond to cardiovascular emergencies and special resuscitation situations 

    2. Are proficient in BLS Skills, including high - quality CPR

    3. Are proficient in ACLS Provider algorithms and running ACLS megacode

  • Content: The ACLS EP course has three core components:

    1. The ACLS Provider exam (Performed by the student online prior to the course. Students must score at least 84% on the ACLS Provider exam to sit for the ACLS EP course.)​​

    2. ACLS Skills Testing (Performed during the ACLS EP course.)

    3. Case - based discussion using the expanded systematic approach.

  • Case - Based Discussion:  ACLS EP uses an expanded systematic approach in small group case discussions.  These cases often go beyond presentations found in the ACLS Provider course; exploring the complexities of cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, pharmacologic and toxicologic emergencies. ACLS EP small group discussions cover a wide range of case presentations including:

    • ​Life - threatening toxicology

    • Cardiac arrest associated with pregnancy

    • Cardiac arrest associated with asthma, COPD and anaphylaxis

    • Cardiac arrest associated with cardiac procedures

    • Cardiac arrest associated with trauma, hypothermia, and drowning

    • Life - threatening acid - base and electrolyte abnormalities

  • Certification: An ACLS EP course completion card is provided upon successful course completion.  This card fulfills certification requirements for both ACLS Provider and ACLS Experienced Provider.

Watch the ACLS EP Informational Video
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