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ECG & Pharmacology
General Course Information

ECG & Pharmacology Course (Classroom - Based)

  • Goal: To reinforce key gaps in ECG recognition and pharmacology specific to cardiopulmonary emergencies. 

  • Audience: ECG & Pharmacology courses are designed for healthcare providers who participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies.  Such providers include physicians, nurses, paramedics, personnel in emergency response, emergency medicine, intensive or critical care and others who require this specialized knowledge for their duties. 

  • Content: Basic electrophysiology, normal ECG measurements, frequently encountered arrhythmias, drug administration appropriate within ACLS algorithms. 

  • Instruction: ECG and Pharmacology modules combined into one classroom instruction setting. 

  • Testing: Written exam with Instructor in classroom setting.

  • Certification: ECG & Pharmacology course completion certificate provided upon successful course completion.

  • CE credit: The AHA offers Continuing Education (CE) credit for EMS students. 

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